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1640.B.eng.TS.a 1 2r
Biblia Sacra ID1640.B.eng.TS.a
Short titleThe Bible: That is, The Holy Scriptures contained in the Old and New Tes...
Bible books in editionBible complete
Printer/publisherStafford, Thomas
Place of publ.Amsterdam
Year of publ.1640
Contains illustrationsyes

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Biblia Sacra ID1640.OTpart.hebr-arc.MbIs.a
Short titleH̱amišah ẖumše torah...
Bible books in editionOld Testament partially
Printer/publisherMenasseh ben Israel (1604-1657)
Place of publ.
Year of publ.1640
Remarks.Text in Hebrew and Aramaic; annotations in Aramaic / Includes: Bible Hebrew, O.T. Prophets, Selection (Haftarot) / Date in chronogram / Double signatures; Hebrew signatures gathering numbers only.
Contains illustrationsno

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