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Query : Editions with biblia sacra ID: "1523.NT.fre.JBr.a"
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TitleLe tressainct et sacres texte du nouviaulx testament translates du latin en franhois [!] lan. M. D. et .xxiij. (A1r) vol.1 p.A1rpage
Bible books in editionNew Testament complete
Printer/PublisherBerghen, Adriaen van
Place of publicationAntwerp and Tournay
Year of publication1523
Related personsBerghen, Adriaen van [Mons, Adrien de] (printed by)
Brocquart, Jehan [Brocquaert, Jehan] (printed for)
TranslationMartin Luther
Contains illustrationsyes

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Number of pages680
Preface on bible bookno
Announced on title pageno

Volume 1

TitleLe tressainct et sacres texte du nouviaulx testament translates du latin en franhois [!] lan. M. D. et .xxiij. (A1r) vol.1 p.A1rpage
ImprintEt se vendent en tournay en la rue de nostre dame sur Jehan brocquaert. I M. (A1r)
CollationA-Z8 #4 ##8 (196 fol.)
Fingerprint000008 - b1 A2 ra : b2 ##3 u$f
Contents A1r title and printer's device Adriaen van Berghen; A1v ill.; A2r-F2v Mat; F3r-I5r Mk; I5v-P2v Luk; P2v-T4v Jo; T4v-##6v Acts; ##7r-##8v blank
Place of publicationAntwerp and Tournay
Year of publication1523
Remarks on place/yearcf. vol. 2
Text area116 x 74 (height x width); 29 lines

Volume 2

TitleIcy commenche Lepistle de Paul aux Romains. (Aa1r) vol.2 p.Aa1rpage
ColophonCy fine ce present oevure imprimez en anvers pour Jehan Brocquart. Par Adrien de Mons Lan mil .ccccc. xx. et troix. (Ss6v) vol.2 p.Ss6vpage
CollationAa-Ss8 (144 fol.)
Fingerprint000008 - b1 Aa2 ere : Ss2 tou
Contents Aa1r title; Aa1v blank; Aa2r-Cc3r Rom; Cc3v-Ee5v 1Cor; Ee5v-Gg1v 2Cor; Gg1v-Gg7v Gal; Gg7v-Hh5r Eph; Hh5v-Ii1v Philip; Ii2r-Ii5v Col; Ii6r-Kk1v 1Thess; Kk1v-Kk3v 2Thess; Kk3v-Kk8v 1Tim; Kk8v-Ll3v 2Tim; Ll3v-Ll5v Tit; Ll5v-Nn4r Hebr; Nn4v-Oo1r Jam; Oo1r-Oo6r 1Pet; Oo6r-Pp1r 2Pet; Pp1r-Pp6r 1Jo; Pp6r-v 2Jo; Pp7r-Pp7v 3Jo; Pp7v-Pp8v Jude; Qq1r-Ss6v Rev; Ss6v colophon; Ss7r-Ss8v blank
Place of publicationAntwerp and Tournay
Year of publication1523
Remarks on place/year
Text area110 x 71 (height x width); 28 lines

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SignedSign. 4/8 vol.1 p.F3rpage
Number of columns1 column vol.1 p.F3rpage
Book headingsyes; Chy commenche le Texte de levangille Jhesucrist, seloncq sainct Marcq. vol.1 p.F3rpage
Chapter headingsyes; Le premier Chapitre. vol.1 p.F3rpage
Running headsyes; Evvangille; S. Marcq. vol.1 p.F2vpage vol.1 p.F3rpage
Summaries of chapters no
Printed annotationsno
Scriptural referencesno
Numbered versesno
Ornamental initialsyes
Primary typefaceGothic vol.1 p.F3rpage
Specific typeface79 x 2.5

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Illustration Biblia Sacra ID 11FF412x48C162x48A98(+2)x1

DescriptionMary standing (or half-length), the Christ-child close to her bosom on her arm - FF - the Christ-child to Mary's right, arch, archivolt ~ architecture, framing decorations
Pages vol.1 p.A1vpage

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Illustration Biblia Sacra ID 11H(PAUL)x3

Descriptionthe apostle Paul of Tarsus; possible attributes: book, scroll, sword
Pages vol.2 p.Aa1rpage

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Illustration Biblia Sacra ID 11I42x11H(PETER)x11H(PAUL)x49M431x45C19(SHIELD)x49L16x48A98312(+21)x1

Descriptionthe four symbols of the evangelists, 'the apocalyptic beasts', the apostle Peter, first bishop of Rome; possible attributes: book, cock, (upturned) cross, (triple) crozier, fish, key, scroll, ship, tiara, the apostle Paul of Tarsus; possible attributes: book, scroll, sword, device (trade-mark of Berghen, Adriaen van), protective weapons (with NAME), letter combinations such as letterword, anagram, letter square, monogram, etc. (A B), symmetrical framing decorations
Pages vol.1 p.A1rpage vol.2 p.Aa1rpage

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Bibliographic references

NK 415 Nijhoff, Wouter and M.E. Kronenberg. Nederlandsche bibliographie van 1500 tot 1540. 3 vol. 's-Gravenhage, 1923-71.

Chambers 30a Chambers, Bettye Thomas. Bibliography of French Bibles. Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century French-Language Editions of the Scriptures. Genève, 1983.

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Utrecht UB-THO RAR 4-74

SignatureUtrecht UB-THO: RAR 4-74
Missigningsvol. 1: -A3, C3 as C4, +C5, +C6 as C5, +D5, -E3, -E4, +E5, -F2, -F4, +F5, +G5, -H4, -M2, -N4, -O4, -V4, -Y4, -Z2; vol. 2: -Cc3, -Cc4, -Ee2, -Ee3, -Ee4, Ff2, Ff3, Ff4, -Gg2, -Gg3, -Gg4, -Hh2, -Hh3, -Hh4, -Ii2, -Ii3, -Ii4, Ll2, Ll3, Ll4, Mm2, Mm3, Mm4, Nn2, Nn3, Nn4, Oo3, Oo4, -Pp2, -Pp3, -Pp4, -Qq2, -Qq3, -Qq4, -Rr2, -Rr3, -Rr4, -Ss3, -Ss4
Fingerprint variationsno
Number of raised bands4
Fasteningsyes: 0 complete, 2 incomplete
Reproductions vol.1 p.bindpage
Provenancegift from J. van Soest, priest at Broekhuizen, to P. Ignatius Smeets 12 September 1917, 'Dit boekje was nog niet bekend aan Nijhoff' (fl1v); Library of the Monastery at Weert (vol. 1 A1r) vol.1 p.A1rpage vol.1 p.fl1vpage
Genealogical annotationsno
Handwritten annotationsno
Otherliturgical calendar in handwriting (5 leaves); foliated by hand

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