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TitleSt. Luke painting or drawing the Madonna from memory
Oldest appearance in Biblia Sacra1543
Iconclass descriptionSt. Luke painting or drawing the Madonna from memory

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Brussels BR LP 4173 A (Luke) 1 I4r
Show scan: Brussels BR LP 4173 A (Luke) vol.1 p.I4r
Show edition:

's-Gravenhage KB 227 J 81 (Luke) 1 G8r
Show scan: 's-Gravenhage KB 227 J 81 (Luke) vol.1 p.G8r
Show edition:

's-Gravenhage KB 1707 F 33 (Luke) 1 M1v
Show scan: 's-Gravenhage KB 1707 F 33 (Luke) vol.1 p.M1v
Show edition: 1543.NT.fre.GM.a

Cambridge BFBS 223 B 41 2 (Luke) 1 n5r
Show scan: Cambridge BFBS 223 B 41 2 (Luke) vol.1 p.n5r
Show edition: 1541.NT.dut.MC.a

Antwerpen MPM R 61.2 (I-II) (Luke) 1 K4v
Show scan: Antwerpen MPM R 61.2 (I-II) (Luke) vol.1 p.K4v
Show edition: 1538.NT.fre.GM.a

Gent UB Acc. 16031 (Luke) 1 K8r
Show scan: Gent UB Acc. 16031 (Luke) vol.1 p.K8r
Show edition:

Images not available

Scan: Cambridge UL Young 158 vol.1 p.l2v
Show edition: 1538.NT.eng.GM.a

Scan: London BL 3025.c.24 vol.1 p.H2r
Show edition: 1540.NT.fre.GM.a

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