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Biblia Sacra ID1575.NTpart.syr.CP.a
Short title[Novum Domini Nostri Iesu Christi Novum Testamentum Syriace]...
Bible books in editionNew Testament partially
Printer/publisherPlantijn, Christoffel
Place of publ.
Year of publ.1575
Remarks.Text in Syriac; without 1-3 John, Jude and Revelation (printed in Hebrew type and Hebrew sequence) / Edited by F. Raphelengius, including Variae lectiones ex Novi Testamenti Syri manuscripto codice Coloniensi nuper [...] collectae / Another issue of the vigesimoquarto edition AntverpiŠ, ex officina C. Plantini architypographi regij, 1575; very liklely first this octavo issue, on two columns, was printed and then the type re-arranged for the vigesimoquarto issue, on one column (Voet) / No title-page: published together with the octavo version of Bible, Bible Hebrew, O.T., 1574; and Bible, Bible Greek, N.T., 1574 / BT 5268 (dated 1574). Voet 667.
Contains illustrationsno

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